Saturday, January 17, 2009

20 miles from Camp David

After setting out at 4am and gradually progressing towards the tropical climes of not Canada, we made it to Myersville, MD, by dinner time. The trip involved me losing my passport, Josh finding it (on the floor of the trunk, wtf?), reading the last few issues of The Economist, lunch at Arby's and an excursion into a Super WalMart in search of an iPod-to-car cable. This allowed us to fully indulge in the playlist I carefully constructed based on the Internet's knowledge of Barack's music taste. Ok, well actually it was just a collection of albums I figured he liked based on a quick google search. Turns out Stevie Wonder makes great roadtrip music. Incidentally, walking into a Super WalMart was a life-changing experience. Calling it immense is not doing it justice. You could feed, clothe and entertain a town for weeks with its supplies. The rows of products were endless. I could just imagine walking into it coming from a poor country and fainting. Numerous times. It was spectacular.
We were welcomed to Maryland with an amazing meal by Britta's mother and step-father. Her mother then got us all to play the Wii Fit. Holy jeez, my eyes have been opened. That is a whole other post.

Tomorrow we go into DC and wreak havoc! I mean we get to see museums and memorials! Can't wait.

(As per the post title, we're close to Camp David, where Bush is currently. One last vacation. The jets we heard overhead fly whenever he's there I'm told.)

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