Monday, January 12, 2009

First past the blog post

I may be amongst the last people to start a blog of my own, but better late than never. As with most blogs that currently exist (I hear there are now more blogs in North America than people), nothing may come of it and this posting could be the first and last. But maybe not. The beauty of starting a blog is that there is zero cost, tilting the cost-benefit analysis way to one side. Really, it doesn't make sense to not start a blog.

If I do continue updating this, what will it be about? Good question; I'm not sure. Clearly, I'll write about things I'm interested in: politics (both US and Canadian), science, music, film. I could keep going but I'm just listing things most everyone is interested in at some level. It'll likely be mostly about politics. It may also become a collaborative effort, depending on the willingness of the other parties (alternatively, we might start a separate blog to collaborate on).

Finally, why the name "ovularity?" I realize it sounds like a female sex organ, but that's not what I mean. It comes from a funny scene early in the Orson Welles adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Trial (one of my favorite films, and novels). An inspector is interrogating the main character, K, about an "ovular"' shape under his carpet. K explains that "ovular" isn't really a word and the inspector responds: "so you deny there's an ovular shape?" The absurd conversation makes K. seem more guilty, which hints at the theme of the story.

Ovularity is also what I'm thinking of calling my 3rd album (soon to be released under the name The Werneckes, found at I may decide against that name in the end, but if not, you heard it here first!

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