Monday, January 19, 2009

How to survive the inauguration

There is essential reading on Slate for Munir, Britta, Dave, my mother and anyone else who will be in DC for the inauguration. In it, you learn how to avoid death by asphyxiation while making your way through the hoards of Obamaheads. Important tips include:
...four people per square meter is a safe ratio. If you see more than that—especially in a moving crowd—it's a good idea to get out of the way. Otherwise, if someone jostles you, you won't have room to stick a foot out to stabilize yourself. If you fall, other people may trip over you, creating a pileup. Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd will continue to surge forward, unaware of your situation, and the pressure will build.
Another, more overt sign of danger is the sensation of being touched on all four sides. That's the time to work your way to the margin of the crowd. After that, the last opportunity to escape may be when you feel shock waves travel through the crowd. This happens when people at the back push forward, but the people at the front have no where to go.
Have a safe Obamauguration!

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  1. Well, just got back from DC. Man, what a day - lots of pictures to put up and thoughts to write down. The good news is none of us got trampled! The amazing news is we were there when Obama was sworn-in!