Thursday, January 29, 2009

who broke the ceasefire?

There was a good interview with Jimmy Carter on CBC radio this morning. Here's a question I was left with: did Israel attack Gaza on November 4th (election day in the US)? I heard an interviewer on Al Jazeera English make the same claim while debating someone on the question of who broke the ceasefire. Carter just pointed out that prior to that attack on Gaza, a ceasefire was in place and no rockets were being fired. This runs counter to the conventional wisdom in every media source I follow, American and Canadian. Even among the more left-leaning media, the story goes something like: Hamas broke the ceasefire by continuously firing rockets at Israel, but Israel's response was disproportionate. According to Jimmy Carter, Israel broke the ceasefire when it attacked Gaza on November 4th while no one was paying attention. Has anyone heard of this before? What actually happened on November 4th? Have you ever seen it reported in the MSM, or anywhere else?

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