Saturday, June 26, 2010

G8-G20 Protests - Friday, Part 1

Well, it’s time for the world leaders to get together again and decide our fates. This strange phenomenon, which is characterized as either a necessary meeting to discuss improvements to international monetary policy or a secretive closed-door session to further stuff the pockets of the fat cats of Big Business, depending on which side of the fence you’re on, is called the G8. This year Ontario has the great privilege of welcoming not just eight, but 20 political leaders from the most important (i.e. richest) countries in the world. Ah, the G20. This should be fun.

For Toronto, the G20 has meant one thing: "security". Well, two things if you count security and reckless spending that makes the American Military look thrifty as discrete entities. Yes, Toronto the Good has reverted to its original title: Fort York, updated for the 21st century. Complete with giant fences, severe laws for those who stray 5 metres within them, water and sound cannons, and hundreds if not thousands of cops.

But is it necessary? Is there any possible justification for what appears to most Torontonians as a lapse of judgment usually reserved for terrorist attacks? Well, the argument goes, security needs to be in place to save us all from violent protesters, who wish to tear down the fence (as stated online), and assault innocent investment bankers dressed in suits (as stated nowhere).

Word on the net was that a large march was to happen Friday, starting at Allan Gardens, going to some undisclosed location, where a temporary "tent city" would be established, to implore the world leaders to consider the poor. A protest! I would have to attend - not to join in, but to observe, to witness.

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